Stam1na, Audio Glasgow

by Tomi Nihtila

I usually don’t take camera to gigs cause I hate people with cameras at gigs. Not the casual shooters I also try to be but huge cameras, flash-shooters, and the ones filming the whole gig. But for this special opportunity I also took my small camera, doing absolute pro style with camera on the right hand and beer on the left. After removing 100 completely blurry shots these were left.

The venue? Audio Glasgow. Literally under a bridge. One door, stage to the right, toilets to the left, bar ahead. Cloakroom behind the bar if you wished. Backstage? Nada. Bands hanging out in the same space or outside, under the bridge. One of the most authentic gig venues I’ve been to.

And that made it such a great experience. Obviously Stam1na are not a big name in the UK but in Finland they are – also outside metal scene. Last week, a month after this Glasgow gig they performed on sold-out Helsinki ice hall! Wish I was there. However, after seeing them on festival main stages and bigger venues several times over the past 10 years, this was something completely different, almost like exclusive VIP experience. I even got to talk to the guys outside after the gig. Under the bridge.








Stam1na, Audio Glasgow, April 2018.

All photos with Olympus E-M5 mark II + Olympus 45/1.8. Black and white photos processed in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 and the rest in Lightroom.

In low and artificial light conditions such as gigs I often find colour photos unsatisfying. Colours are odd and I just cannot adjust them well. I feel that trying to get natural look is boring so it is either monochrome, low-saturation, or completely over-saturated and over-processed which I find difficult to nail. Monochrome is the easiest way to go in my opinion. I usually add a hint of colour instead of completely black and white; in this case light coffee tone. I find Silver Efex superior to Lightroom in monochrome conversion.

The four last photos represent some form of warm low-saturation style.

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