West Coast USA Road Trip

by Tomi Nihtila

San Francisco – Monterey – Ventura – Las Vegas – San Diego – Los Angeles 19.9.-2.10.2017

This is a brief itinerary and photo report of our (which is Tomi, Juha, JP, and Jani) 2-week holiday in the US west coast in autumn 2017. Almost all photos are my own except few from Jani (to show myself in some photos as well).

Due to large number of images this post is divided into several pages.

Edinburgh – Paris CDG – San Francisco (Day 1)

After over 15 hours of travelling I (but not my bag) arrived to San Francisco in the afternoon. I had a quick walk about Fort Mason and the northern bay while waiting for the others to arrive. My bag also found its way to the hotel in the evening.

Alcatraz island


San Francisco (Day 2)

Day of strolling about in San Francisco, starting at our hotel Comfort Inn By The Bay near Fisherman’s Wharf.

Initial plan was Alcatraz but 3 days in advance was too late to get tickets so we needed to content ourselves with the shore view. It was very foggy morning (and we were up early thanks to jet lag) so the view was quite nice.

Old San Francisco cable car

After the ride we headed to Anchor Brewery for a tour and some beers.

After some more hilly walk and extremely vibrant sunset it was time to call it a day.

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