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After one or two not so successful attempts I am trying photoblogging again. This time I have planned this a bit more, built more flexible website, and also have a platform for selling photos in the future. Still no pressure, this is just a hobby.

In the beginning I will be posting mostly older photos from my archives to generate some content and also test the website.

There will also be posts about photography kit and accessories as well as some guides and tips. This will not be a review site, I will not go deep into pixel-peeping but those will be more my personal experience on the kit I am using.

All this website stuff is also learning and as a part of that I am trying Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Program. If one day my traffic grows enough I am hoping to get some money back I have put in all this. Along with selling few photos as well. So please do not get annoyed by few occasional ads, I will always try to make the photos stand out first and keep the rest in the background.

I will be setting up a Facebook page and Instagram account to go along so like and follow if you use those.

PS. The cover photo is taken on New Year 2014, few days after I moved to Edinburgh.

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